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Features and Benefits

  • Rotors are fully enclosed for safety
  • Low profile for maximum stability
  • Pulling unit allows the legs to do the work
  • Standard clay hood reduces soil build-up
  • Minimum turf damage
  • Clutch lever cuts power to rotor for safety
  • Simply remove one nut to change rotors


Variety of Uses

Burying cable or pipe • Pruning roots • Removing most stumps • Installing invisible electric dog fence • Installing sprinkler systems • Defining landscape beds • Installing edging

Model F704 TrenchMaster™

The Model F704 is a lightweight mini-trencher designed for ease of operation, maneuverability and versatility. Easily loaded, unloaded and operated by one person.

Model F904 TrenchMaster™

The Model F904 is designed primarily for irrigation and sprinkler system installation. Easily loaded, unloaded and operated by one person.

Model F1202 TrenchMaster™

The Model F1202 is a lightweight easily transported mini-trencher for heavier commercial projects. Virtually no compaction or turf damage.


Model F704 F904 F1202
Engine 5.5 to 6.5 HP HD Industrial 9 HP Commercial Honda 9 or 13 HP Commercial Honda
Weight 135 lbs. 162 lbs. 250 lbs.
265 lbs.
Wheels Steel with Pneumatic Tires
Points Tungsten Carbide
Drive Double Belt and Pulley System
Rate Up to 20ft / min* Up to 25ft / min* Up to 20ft / min*
Depth Up to 7in* Up to 9in* 3 to 12in*
Width 1/2 to 2in 1/2 to 2in 3in*
Ship By Motor Freight (Pre-Assembled)
*Dependent on soil conditions and rotor choice