3M's Dynamic Mixing System

Stop Mixing and Start Fixing

Dynamic Mixing System

The 3M Dynamic Mixing System is designed to simplify the process of mixing and applying body filler and finishing glaze, while helping the shop save time, money, and materials on panel repair jobs.


  • Revolutionary auto body repair breakthrough.
  • Advanced mixing nozzle automatically mixes as-you-go, eliminating pinholes in the final finish.
  • Grab-and-go applicator dispenses filler-on-demand.
  • Easy-on/easy-off cartridges for finishing jobs faster.
  • A better system for an ultimately better finish, better productivity – and better profitability.

Three Easy Steps

Dynamic Mixing System Steps

Step 1.) TWIST into place a cartridge (filled with dent filling compound or dent finishing glaze) on the applicator, and add a mixing nozzle.

Step 2.) MIX the compound and hardener automatically by simply pulling the trigger on the applicator. Watch as the automixing nozzle precisely mixes – and dispenses – a perfect ratio of filler or glaze and hardener. No more guesswork!

Step 3.) FIX dents or scratches instantly by applying the compound directly from the applicator to the vehicle surface and spread into place! Nothing is faster, easier or reduces more waste!

05846 3M Dynamic Mixing Gun - Pneumatic
05847 3M Dynamic Mixing Nozzle
02576 3M Bulk Nozzle Shop Rack
02575 3M Dynamic Mixing Gun Shop Rack
Compounds & Finishing Glazes
05850 3M Dent Filling Compound
05857 3M Dent Finishing Glaze
05849 3M Dynamic Mixing System Introductory Kit
  • 1 Applicator Gun with Rack
  • 1 box of Dynamic Mixing Nozzles
  • 9 tubes of filler
  • 1 tube of Glaze
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